Education, consulting

BARKE Iris Kft. provides services in formulating and designing your educational programs and sustainability curricula to accentuate and maximize effective knowledge transfer.

Including but not limited to kindergarten, primary and secondary education, universities, museums, municipalities, companies, protected areas, regional and international interpretation venues and teaching aids. No program is considered too large or too small, and assistance can match any budget.

Further company services:

  • coaching, teaching and training for sustainable projects on all levels
  • project and curricula design, concept-development, management and coordination
  • consultancy for civil organisations, local municipalities and companies
  • integrative methods and outreach for local participation and communication, stakeholder involvement
  • implementation of best practices like Citizen Science approaches, Geoapp – geographical applications, future-design, appropriate natural resource management etc.
  • data collection, analysis and monitoring
  • publication, PR and communication on all levels, moderation
  • translation and interpretation from and into English, German and Hungarian

For inquiries, please use the contact phone number above, or send an email using the contact form.